Space themed game mats, numbered stars, constellation cards, sandglass (3min.) , wooden blocks, game rubrics, pencils

How to play?

Before playing the game, we give the kids game rubric and let them draw what they know about constellations and team work. Because of preschool students cant write, teachers can take notes about what they say about their drawings. And to help the aim of the project, teachers can write the children’s name on papers and put them in two boxes. A box for the kids who are behind their learning level and a box for the other kids in the class. So when we take a name from both boxes, we make a team with two kinds of kids. 

1.Put the game mats on  floor. Can be next to each other or opposite to each other.

2.Each team has two kids, one of them works on stars and other one works on constellations. Before the game starts, teams find names for themselves.

3.Each team decides which kid will work on stars and which kid will work on constellations

4.Teacher starts the sandglass, each children who works with stars takes a constellation card and numbered stars, checks the constellation card and put the stars on the carpet like the way it shows on constellation card.

5.After first group of children finish, they give the cards to their teammates, they connect the stars by following the numbers from 1 to 16 and stops the sandglass.

6.Teams check eachothers work and greet each other for collaboration.

After the game, we give the same game rubric back to the kids and let them draw what they learned about constellation and team work.