Turkish kids are working on game paths

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İTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Okulları Özel Dr. Sedat Üründül Anaokulu students started to work on their game plan. They designed a physical Math game to understand the meaning of less and more, to develop their math skills in addition and subtraction and also  being a team.

On these photos they are working on a different game path on SmartBoard. This activity helped them to find reasonable and fair rules for the games they design. We just gave them a path, they choose the materials and set the rules. They also figured out strategic ideas about game paths. It was very exciting and cheerful to play a game that they became a part of. 

After working on the path, they created their own game paths and they set the game rules. Now they are playing these games when they have free time. And as much as we work on different type of games, they add new ideas to their main game they designed for the project.