Subject Leader Network Meeting

Today three pupils from Sherborne Primary went to Cheltenham to share two of their project games with a selection of maths subject leaders from various Gloucestershire schools.
They had a great time explaining the rules and then seeing how challenging the games were for the teachers – especially testing their geographical knowledge!
Take a look a some of the pictures below and, if you are a teacher (or pupil), feel free to download copies of the games attached.






card grid thing_level1

card grid thing_level_2

card grid thing_level_3

card grid thing_level_4

The last level 4 game board has been edited from the previous version. Please download this latest version.

digit cards

Missing Digits rules

grid answers

Please note that the ‘level’ is not an old assessment level, but just a way to describe that one is more challenging than another. You will need to look at them. You will also need sets of digit cards 1-9 printed in different colours. Answer grids will be published shortly.