• Happy together We are so happy learning and playing together that we had to show it . Here are the results. Enjoy!! https://youtu.be/P2b5CsFJt7w
  • We played our Constellation game with our new students… Our 6 years old students produced the Constellation Game last year and now they are 1st graders. When we are learning about space, stars, planets and earth, we added our Constellation game into our lesson plans in February. 5 different 6 yo classrooms, each has 23 students, played this game. And they loved it.. Here are the photos.  
  • CONSTELLATION GAME FROM TURKEY Materials: Space themed game mats, numbered stars, constellation cards, sandglass (3min.) , wooden blocks, game rubrics, pencils How to play? Before playing the game, we give the kids game rubric and let them draw what they know about constellations and team work. Because of preschool students cant write, teachers can take notes about what they say about their drawings. ...

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